The SECOND Newest Members of our Family

Born 08 July 2004, we goth them 02 October 2004

The kitten page now goes in reverse chronilogical order with the newest pictures at the top

ikea cats jamie and cats
Did you know you could get kittens at Ikea?

Not sure who is more content, Jamie or the kittens.
tigo tongue stroller compromise
Tigo loves to stick her tongue out at you.

We finally made a compromise with the kittens on the stroller. On top is okay, just not inside. We'll see how it holds.
argvee under pillow kittens on computer
They have really made themselves at home.

How is Melissa ever supposed to get work done? Maybe this is what is wrong with her computer.
kitten looking out window tigo and argvee after tub
Argvee and Tigo looking out the window---at least they were until Melissa walked up to take their picture!

Tigo and Argvee were fascinated with Melissa's bath and thought they wanted to join too---they quickly changed their minds. Here you can see the remnants in Tigo's drowned rat tail.
tigo balanced on Melissa's belly tigo and argvee
 and jamie
Tigo likes to balance on Melissa's belly

Both kittens like to keep Jamie company when he's 'working' on his computer
tigo looking at camera tigo and argvee collars
Tigo --- boy how they have grown!

Green is for Girls and Blue is for Boys
tigo and argvee and jamie
     dishes tigo and argvee and jamie
Here they are helping with the dishes.

Sometimes they are a bit more distracting than helpful.
tigo and jamie
     cooking tigo and argvee and jamie
Tigo is helping Jamie cook.

Argvee wants to help too!
argvee argvee
Argvee explores

. . . but he also gets sleepy
tigo and argvee tigo and argvee
They get along well

Snuggling together
tigo and argvee and jamie tigo and argvee and jamie
They also like Jamie

. . . but he also gets sleepy
argvee argvee
Argvee is slightly more adventurous

. . . as seen here in the tub
argvee tigo
Argvee is the little boy kitten

Tigo is the little girl kitten
melissa with kittens tigo and argvee
Here are our two new kittens

Tigo (right) and Argvee (left)

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