We have moved!Our Apartment Building
apartment entrance apartment entrance
This is the view when you first walk in the door.

If you turn around it looks like this.

apartment bathroom 1
The door to the left of the entrance leads to bathroom #1.

To the right is the closet where we keep the cat litter . . .
we won't show you that one.

apartment left view apartment closet view
The view to the left after the entryway.

The closed door leads to our second closet.

apartment left view apartment bedroom view
A little further on the left you can see our bedroom door.

A look into our bedroom.

apartment office apartment right
A view into our office.

To the right past the entry way we have a small hall.
apartment bathroom 2 apartment Athena's room
The door on the right is our second bathroom.

Behind the Winnie the Pooh is "Athena's Bedroom".
Need to move? Try bannana boxes!

apartment kithchen apartment kithchen
Continuing past the small hall you come to the kitchen.
Can you see it's snowing in March?

Here is where Jamie cooks our fantastic meals.

apartment refrigerator apartment refrigerator close up
Our enormous refrigertor and freezer.
The door to the left leads back towards the entryway.
The door to the right leads to the living room.

Do you want to be on our fridge?
Send us some pictures! (And some magnets!)

apartment living room apartment balcony
Straight ahead from the entryway is our livingroom.

And our HUGE balcony (jealous Eric?)

apartment living room left apartment living room right
The left side of our livingroom belongs to the plants.

The right side of our livingroom belongs to the cats.
The plants wish the cats would learn the distinction.

apartment balcony left apartment living room reverse
Another view of our huge balcony.

Turn around to see it all over again.

apartment living room reverse left apartment living room reverse right
The reverse left side of the livingroom.

The reverse right side.

And that's the tour of our new apartment!
Did you notice the extra bed in the office?
We are all set for visitors!